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The Strength of the Country
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Protecting Gun Rights

In the United States, each state has specific laws and regulations regarding firearms and weapons permits. These laws and regulations can often be confusing and can deter Americans from taking an interest in firearms and even applying for permits. The NHA aims to simplify gun legislation and make firearms more accessible to law-abiding Americans. We want to educate Americans about proper gun use, as well as keep them up to date on the most recent gun laws.

To keep Americans informed, we offer membership through our pro-gun organization. As a member, you'll learn about firearms and how to properly and safely use them. In addition, you'll learn about current national and state gun laws and have the opportunity to make legislation to increase access to firearms.

By becoming a member of the NHA, you'll be on the frontline defending the Second Amendment and ensuring all law-abiding American citizens have the ability to protect themselves.

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About Us

The NHA is a gun rights organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Established by Nelson Vallellanes, the organization aims to educate Americans about firearms and keep them informed of current gun laws. We also seek to create new laws in favor of handguns so Americans can have better access to them. To achieve these goals, we offer membership to individuals from throughout the United States and worldwide. Membership is available to men and women of all ages who are strong advocates for gun rights and believe in the importance of the Second Amendment.


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